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Inception Hindi Audio Track: A Guide to Enjoy the Movie in Your Language

i give this inception audio track an 8.0 because, while it has a few flaws, it is still a very good audio track. there's a strong bass presence, but it's not overpowering. i heard some very minor "boom" sounds in the speakers when flying debris hit objects in the room. but, nothing too strong. the highs and mids are very balanced, and you can hear a lot of detail in the instruments. the dialog has a very strong presence. it is very clear, and some of the best dialog in any audio track i've heard so far. it's very clear, and you can easily understand every word. there are some minor imperfections in the audio track, but it's nothing major. this audio track has very few imperfections. it's a good audio track. i give this inception audio track an 8.0. i really like it.

inception hindi audio track


the dolby vision and dolby atmos images look gorgeous on this screen, but it's the sound that really takes it to the next level. because the atmos audio is on all of the four speakers in the middle of the wall, you can close your eyes and imagine youre sitting in the movie theater.

episode 2, "daedalus". this is an excellent example of how a movie soundtrack should be. the score is epic and the music builds in intensity as the film progresses. the main theme is present through out the film and it is used to both set the mood as well as to emphasize key elements of the film.

it's the type of film that takes place inside the brain, but the audio mix doesn't rely on a gimmicky brain-filling soundtrack. everything from natural wind to creepy music is present in the film, and the atmos mix easily highlights the action and the shots without overwhelming the audience.


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