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What We Do

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About Me

About Me

Hello and welcome to Kingsway Pilates!

My name is Jennifer. After more than 20 years of teaching fitness, I have embraced a more inspired path that extends beyond the studio walls and unleashes the benefits of a regular, varied movement philosophy to define and sculpt your body.

If you are looking for a doable and empowering way to look and feel better in your body, contact me to learn more and find your sublime! 


Our Fans


"In the two years that I've been working with Jen I've experienced SUCH A POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION.
​I feel stronger, longer, leaner, and just happier with my shape and strength than I have at any other time in my life. Jen's knowledge of fitness, alignment and body mechanics is so impressive. I can't imagine NOT having my Kingsway Pilates sessions as part of my week - my physical health depend on them now and my body is forever grateful that I took the step."


​You are such a wonderful person and you translate that into your work. You have helped me wake up muscles that have atrophied since my car accident. No practitioner has ever helped me the way you have. You have made me aware of the muscles that are causing me to lose mobility in certain areas. You are not a pilates instructor, to me you are a body guru and if people really listen to your teachings, we could all be making daily improvements to the health of our bodies


Jennifer's encouragement and expertise helped me set goals that were both a challenge but also felt possible to make a real lasting change in my health. I love her focus on sustainable life habits rather than cheap trick diets and short term tactics. I appreciate that she didn't come to me with one subscribed approach to being healthier but instead listened to me and worked with me to figure out goals and actions that suited my life.


"Life has become very busy due to my young family and career. Although I try to stay active, it feels the fast pace of my life is starting to take a toll on my body. This is where Pilates comes in! It helps me re-centre my‎self physically and mentally. As well, Jen's extensive knowledge on human movement really takes the workout to the next level. The controlled movements focused on strength, flexibility, and posture coupled with Jen's attention to form, make Pilates with Jen a "must" in my life!"


"I am convinced that without your help I would not have been able to travel to and from Australia this Christmas without any back twinges. It is such a pleasure to work with you

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