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More from our Fans
More from our Fans


I went to see my physio today and she said my DR is way better than before and only slightly above the navel now. 


Jen's vast knowledge of Pilates and Anatomy goes far beyond the typical instructor. She has a unique ability to customize any program depending on the client/injury/need which sets her apart from anyone I've worked with in the past. I came from a Pilates background and was very particular about who I worked with. I trusted Jen from the moment we met. She helped keep me in shape with safe and effective exercises during my entire pregnancy up to 39 weeks! I give her full credit for my speedy post-baby recovery too. I continued Pilates with Jen and it has now become part of my life! Jen makes Pilates fun, interesting, challenging and she's an absolute pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend Pilates with Jen to anyone from beginner to advanced.


"Life has become very busy due to my young family and career. Although I try to stay active, it feels the fast pace of my life is starting to take a toll on my body. This is where Pilates comes in! It helps me re-centre my‎self physically and mentally. As well, Jen's extensive knowledge on human movement really takes the workout to the next level. The controlled movements focused on strength, flexibility, and posture coupled with Jen's attention to form, make Pilates with Jen a "must" in my life!


I love coming!
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