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There are so many wonderful health and wellness resources. Ultimately, the best sources vary for individual needs and goals. Below is a list of resources to kickstart your research process if you are looking for more support for your health journey. 

Pelvic + Women's Health Reources

Dr. Sinead Dufour - The Womb
Jennifer HunterTrilogy Physiotherapy
Sarah Symmes Centered Physiotherapy
Stephanie Vanneste - Physio By Steph
Dr. Sarah Mickeler - West End Mamas
Pelvic Health - Pelvic Health Solutions
Julie Wiebe - Julie Wiebe PT
Susan Clinton - Tough to Treat Podcast
Nadia Arnone - Kingsway Naturopathic

Pain Resources

Greg Lehman - OA Optimism
Lorimer Moseley - Tame the Beast
This Way Up - Chronic Pain Course
Macquarie University - Free Pain Course
Susan Clinton - Tough to Treat Podcast

Wearables + Devices

Whoop Whoop
Oura Ring - Oura Ring 
EMF Meter - Trifield EMF Meter

Movement and Mindfulness Resources

Lesley Cousens - Fascial Stretch Practitioner
Mindfulness - FREE Mindfulness Course for Wellbeing 
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