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Nick Schwartz
Nick Schwartz

Download MS338 PB801 IKON E40DFS USB Part3 Rar

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Download MS338 PB801 IKON E40DFS USB Part3 Rar

Sir,. I am download the Tp. Ms335.pb801 but I am Right click on one part for all arranged the shape of one file but there are no arrange one file the are coming the file massage this file no archive

tnx, actually i do have a 100% working firmware for ms338 pb801 board of my TV, the problem is that i lost its remote, thats why i tried your firmware which uses samsung remote, but no luck for me, it does not worked on my TV, i tried to reprogram it again using my firmware and it does not accept it anymore, i can send you my firmware, can you edit its remote function so that i can use samsung remote also?

I have 358pb801 board with 1gb and 8gb rom please upload the firmware and how to install using pen drive and can v install tp.ms338 firmware because suddenly my tv turned off and android phones like recovery mode was opened last night and it says that install cvte338 firmware

My TV is 43 inch and the board is : tp-ms338-pb80, firmware is Wisdom.Do you think I still can download any firmware on this tv ? because it cannot read the flash memory .. please your suggeste,,

Sir I have ikon ik-e40dfs, I have downloaded the software for it, but I dont know how to start the update. I have tried plugging first the usb, then plugging the TV into standby mode, pressing power button, and pressing volumes up and down, but nothing works. Please help. Thank you!

aoa sir i have a 358.pb801 board and its been stuck on logo and i have downloaded the bin files in usb and my tv is not booting and i have also changed the usb when i put the usb only res and white lights come and not boot screen 781b155fdc


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