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Review of Constantin Paidos English Grammar

Review of Constantin Paidos English Grammar

Constantin Paidos English Grammar is a comprehensive and practical guide to English grammar, written by a Romanian professor of linguistics. The book covers all the major aspects of English grammar, such as parts of speech, sentence structure, verb tenses, modals, clauses, phrases, punctuation, and spelling. The book also includes exercises and tests for each chapter, as well as appendices with useful information on irregular verbs, prefixes and suffixes, word formation, and vocabulary.

The book is intended for students of English as a foreign language, as well as teachers and translators. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners, as it explains the rules and exceptions of English grammar in a clear and systematic way. The book also provides examples and comparisons with Romanian grammar, which can help Romanian speakers to avoid common mistakes and improve their English skills.



Constantin Paidos English Grammar is available in PDF format on several online platforms, such as[^1^] and Scribd[^2^] [^3^]. The book has received positive feedback from readers who have found it useful and easy to follow. Some readers have also suggested that the book could be improved by adding more illustrations, audio files, and interactive exercises.

Overall, Constantin Paidos English Grammar is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn or teach English grammar in a thorough and accessible way. The book covers all the essential topics and provides plenty of practice and examples to reinforce the learning process. The book can be downloaded for free from the internet or purchased from online bookstores.

The author of Constantin Paidos English Grammar is a well-known and respected figure in the field of English language teaching in Romania. He has a long and distinguished career as a teacher, methodologist, coordinator, inspector, and president of the Association of English Teachers in Romania. He has also published several other books on English grammar, such as Grammar is Fun, Practical Course of English, New Proficiency in English, and Improve Your English[^1^].

Constantin Paidos has a unique and innovative approach to teaching English grammar, based on his extensive experience and research. He believes that grammar should be fun and engaging, not boring and tedious. He uses a variety of methods and techniques to make grammar learning enjoyable and effective, such as games, puzzles, stories, jokes, songs, cartoons, and quizzes. He also emphasizes the importance of understanding the logic and structure of grammar, not just memorizing rules and exceptions. He explains grammar concepts in a simple and clear way, using examples from everyday language and literature. He also compares and contrasts English grammar with Romanian grammar, highlighting the similarities and differences between the two languages.

Constantin Paidos English Grammar is more than just a book. It is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to master English grammar and communicate confidently and accurately in English. It is also a tribute to the passion and dedication of its author, who has devoted his life to teaching and promoting English language in Romania. 0efd9a6b88


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