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Download The Diary of an Oxygen Thief Ebook and Discover the Secrets of a Narcissistic Heartbreaker

The Diary of an Oxygen Thief Ebook Download: A Guide for Readers

If you are looking for a dark, witty, and provocative novel that will challenge your views on love, relationships, and art, you might want to check out The Diary of an Oxygen Thief by Anonymous. This book has gained a cult following among readers who are drawn to its raw and honest portrayal of a narcissistic narrator who manipulates and hurts women for his own pleasure. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what the book is about, why you should read it, and how you can download the ebook version legally and ethically.

the diary of an oxygen thief ebook download


What is The Diary of an Oxygen Thief?

The Diary of an Oxygen Thief is a novel that was first published in 2006 by an anonymous author who claimed to be a former advertising executive. The book is written in the form of a memoir that chronicles the narrator's life as a self-proclaimed "oxygen thief" who enjoys breaking women's hearts and making them suffer. He believes that his cruel actions are a form of art and that he is creating a masterpiece with his victims. However, his life takes a turn when he meets a woman who is more twisted and manipulative than him, and who makes him fall in love with her only to destroy him in the end.

A brief summary of the book

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is titled "The Oxygen Thief" and covers the narrator's exploits as a serial heartbreaker in London and New York. He describes how he seduces women with his charm and intelligence, then emotionally abuses them until they lose their self-esteem and sanity. He also reveals his addiction to alcohol and his dissatisfaction with his job in advertising. He claims that he does not feel any remorse or guilt for his actions, but rather enjoys seeing the pain he inflicts on others.

The second part is titled "The Damage Done" and focuses on the narrator's relationship with a woman he calls "the Damage Done". He meets her at a gallery opening in New York, where she works as a photographer. He is instantly attracted to her beauty and talent, and decides to pursue her. However, he soon realizes that she is not like his previous victims, but rather a master manipulator who knows how to play with his emotions. She makes him fall in love with her, then cheats on him, humiliates him, and exposes his secrets to the world. She also reveals that she has been documenting their relationship with her camera, and that she plans to publish a book titled "The Diary of an Oxygen Thief" that will expose his true nature.

The author and the publication history

The author of The Diary of an Oxygen Thief has chosen to remain anonymous, which adds to the mystery and intrigue of the book. He has only given some clues about his identity, such as being Irish, living in New York, working in advertising, and being sober for over a decade. He has also stated that he wrote the book as a form of therapy and catharsis, and that he did not expect it to become popular.

The book was initially self-published by the author in 2006, who printed 1,000 copies and sold them on the streets of New York. The book soon gained a word-of-mouth reputation and became a cult hit among readers who were fascinated by its dark humor and brutal honesty. The book was later picked up by a publisher and re-released in 2015, with a sequel titled Chameleon in a Candy Store following in 2017. The book has also been translated into several languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

The genre and the style of the book

The Diary of an Oxygen Thief belongs to the genre of confessional literature, which is a type of autobiographical writing that reveals the author's personal experiences, thoughts, feelings, and secrets. The book is also influenced by the genre of transgressive fiction, which is a type of literature that explores taboo topics such as violence, sex, drugs, and crime. The book is written in a first-person perspective, with a conversational and informal tone. The book also uses various literary devices, such as irony, sarcasm, metaphors, and similes, to create a witty and engaging style. The book also breaks the fourth wall by addressing the reader directly and commenting on the writing process.

Why should you read The Diary of an Oxygen Thief?

The Diary of an Oxygen Thief is not a book for everyone. It is a controversial and provocative book that will make you feel uncomfortable, angry, disgusted, or even amused at times. However, it is also a book that will make you think, question, and reflect on your own views on love, relationships, and art. Here are some reasons why you should read The Diary of an Oxygen Thief:

The themes and the messages of the book