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The Guild II - Pirates Of The European Seas Patch

None of the new features are anything to write home about. Focus remains strictly on the nitty-gritty of Middle Ages economics, which means that, whether you ply your trade on the seas or on terra firma, you still spend almost all of your time making and selling goods. No matter which job you pick, you wind up buying and selling. The fisherman must flog his herring and salmon in the market just like any other patron looking to make a few bucks. And the three piratical buildings play similarly to the three thieving headquarters from the original game, only instead of stationing underlings along roadways to rob carts, you pirate merchant vessels in simplistic sea battles and set up prostitution rings. These fitting touches do give you an opportunity to be the "scallywag" described on the back of the box cover, though you're still more of an accountant with an eye patch that a real scourge of the European seas.

The Guild II - Pirates of the European Seas Patch

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