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Levi Torres

Download Mp3 of Bottle Pali Love by Neo: The Song That Is Trending on Zambian Jamz

Bottle Pali Love by Neo is one of the most trending songs in the country following the teaser he shared on his Facebook live since then the tik tok community has gone wild with the #bottlepalilove challenge. The song Bottle Pali Love by Neo is finally available for mp3 download right here on Westside Music Blog your fav blog for all your trending Zambian Music.

Bottolo(Nexus music),bottolo. man are bad man heart.muma bottolo, muma bottolo.situations.bottolo, ( tings).muma bottolo!, (Big bizzy on it),muma bottolo.Nasankapo bottle Pali love! nisiyene chabe ni kolewe! mu moba mulibe heart break,(muma bottolo,muma bottolo) mu club mulibe disappointment aawe... nasankapo belegede! belegede ,belegede. nasanka bottle Pali love! oh! oh! mumu,mumu moba mulibe heart break !belegede, belegede .ine manje bottle ni new soul mate!(belegede ,belegede).aaah,bottle Pali love .mutima wanga mvela! iwe nchito Yako nikupema, ivi vama love vina bene, oooh, oh. ivi vama sweetheart sivatu, iwe naine happiness nimuma bottolo, nimafuna kukondah.but mutima walema, namafuna tili pa mozi. but uzende wa paka, bushe abuye gender iyi!! munaipanga bwanjiyi !! ye siifuna cha mushe.thats why nasankapo bottle Pali love ,nisiyene chabe nikolewe, mu moba mulibe heart break,(muma bottolo, muma bottolo), mu club mulibe disappointment aawe, nasankapo belegede! belegede belegede. nasanka bottle Pali love. ooh,oh.(belegede, belegede).mumu mumu, mumoba mulibe heart break(belegede , belegede ),ine manje bottle ni new soul mate. (belegede ,belegede ). aaah bottle Pali love. lelo ndiwe love of my life ,mailo vachinja waipa, lelo Bali tight naiwe mailo bachilinga nawina. mushe nzelu nichani? ABA ba chimpwi no plan. love is a beautiful thing but baiononga bana ba falao na jezabel. nimafuna kukonda but mutima walema. nimafuna tili pa mozi but uzende wapaka.. .aah bushe abuye gender iyi !munaipanga bwanjiyi? ye siifuna cha mushe. that's why nasankapo bottle Pali love. nisiyene chabe nikolewe , mu moba mulibe heart break (muma bottolo , muma bottolo) ,mu club mulibe disappointment aawe ,nasankapo belegede. (belegede ,belegede), nasanka bottle Pali love ooh ,oh,(belegede, belegede). mumu mumu , mumoba mulibe heart break (belegede belegede),ine manje bottle ni new soul mate(belegede, belegede) .aaah bottle Pali love. bottolo , bottolo. (big bizzy on it). muma bottolo, muma bottolo. bottolo .(Nexus music), bottolo,muma bottolo, muma bottolo, kuli ija gender ikonda tuntu tunzuna, elo ikatenga ninshi kwasila wasila value .. ninshi kwasila wasila value .

download bottle pali love by neo mp3

Neo is loved among artists. He is one of the best eminent of this generation. Bottle Pali Love will blow your mind with its vocals. The song was wonderfully written. Zambiamusicpromos has now made it available for download. This amazing tune is a great player breaker. For song content download now.


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