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Buy Mini Cow __EXCLUSIVE__

We are just as particular about the breeding and bloodlines of our unregistered miniature cattle. We want cattle that our clients will be happy with from day one, and well into the future. This doesn't happen by chance. Some of our smallest, sweetest bulls have taken over a decade to breed.

buy mini cow


In 2022, IMCBR completed the conversion of thousands of paper records to our new electronic miniature cattle registry. This work will allow us to lead the industry with easily accessible records. Our goal is to add value to the hard work you do every day.

We are a small 4th generation family farm located in Southern Iowa! We specialize in mini and mid-mini Highland and HighPark cattle with a few micro-mini belts making guest appearances. We have spent countless hours handpicking genetics, color, and temperament to provide the cutest possible calves for you! We are happy to offer both Chondro positive and negative cattle! We have the ability to ship all over the United States and would love to help make your dream of mini cattle a reality. Check out our website for further information!

Owning miniature cattle is a big commitment and responsibility. These animals require daily feeding and attention. They also live as long as 20 years. We truly care about each calf that is born here and expect the highest level of care from new owners. We require future owners to own a minimum of 3 acres to adequately accommodate their new pet, and have a plan on either spending time with their new calf or getting a companion animal.

Several farmers and ranch owners have switched from owning regular-sized cows to microminiature and miniature cows. This is because they are easier to maintain and are equally competent as regular cows.

It is important to research everything about the mini cow before actually deciding to purchase one. The first step to acquiring a high-quality mini cow for sale is to look for a responsible cattle breeder.

Lucky for you, we have narrowed down our best picks for mini cow breeders, which you can check out from the comfort of your home. Here are the top 10 breeders that raise the best quality mini cows in the state:

Murray Creek Ranch has maintained the quality of their grass since 1910, which is why their mini cows have the best health and overall condition. Their cows also have one of the silkiest and smoothest coats in the region.

The mini cows and cattle of White Mountain Miniatures are all registered with the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Registry (IMCBR). Rest assured that all their cattle are raised with extreme care.

The owners at Rolling 7 take pride in spoiling their mini cows with minerals and cattle cake. Not only are these good for their mental health, but feeding them is a good way to bond with their human owners.

Choosing which breeder to buy from will mainly depend on your location and breed preference for your mini cow. Make sure to ask the right questions before deciding to purchase a miniature cow for sale.

Aside from legitimate cattle breeders, cattle shows and exhibitions are a good source for miniature cows. Here, farmers, breeders, and enthusiasts gather to witness the variety of mini cows from different ranches.

The price of owning a mini cow greatly depends on many factors, such as age, breed, size, weight, and breeder. An estimate of about $1,500 to $7,000 for a miniature cow for sale is expected.

Buying a miniature cow right off the bat can be quite tempting, considering they are growing in popularity nowadays. Before you decide to finally put one in your yard, here are some of the few things you should know:

If you have decided to own a mini cow, make sure that you have all the resources to keep them satisfied and in their prime health. Mini cows for sale are easy to find but make sure to approach only the trusted breeders.

A mini-Jersey cow is a true Jersey breed. Long before milk became commercialized, families did not need large dairy cows to meet their daily milk needs. Over time, as demand grew, cattle breeders manipulated the DNA of Jerseys to make them bigger and better milk producers. Mini-Jersey cattle stand between 36 and 42 inches tall. Standard-size Jerseys can reach 62 inches in adulthood. Miniatures also weigh about half as much as standard cows. Most minis weigh between 500 and 800 pounds versus the 800 to 1,200 pounds of a standard Jersey.

Mini-Jerseys share the same physical attributes as their larger counterparts. Their color ranges from a light fawn to a dark brown. Some have white patches on them in the shape of diamonds on their foreheads or larger patterns on their bodies. From their withers to their tails, all Jerseys have what looks like a tan-colored saddle. Their big, doe-like eyes are hard to miss (and resist). Mini-Jersey cattle have feminine features. Some people describe the bridge of their noses as having a dish shape to them. Most Jerseys, whether standard or mini, have horns.

There is a lot to love about mini-Jersey cattle. From their doe-y eyes and their soft coats to their gentle temperament and delicious raw milk, it is hard to resist the charms of a mini-Jersey. If you have a mini-Jersey, we would love to hear about it in the comments.

Thank you for this information. My wife and I are on the starting line of journey to homesteading and we definitely want a mini Jersey. With you being ahead of us (and somewhere we want to be someday) what other resources (books, channels, etc) would you recommend for me to look at to continue to learn more? TYIA for any information you can provide ?

1 acre should be ok for a few Jersey cows. However, from my experience, jersey cows (mini or non) love company. We had a jersey alone for about a year and she was so sad. The flip side of that is she always wanted to be involved in what we were doing. We have a picture of her sticking her head through our window to see what we were all up to. But as fun as that is, I would still suggest bring them onto your Homestead in 2s.

Mini Cow Cookie Cutter by Cheap Cookie Cutters. Looking for a cookie cutter in the shape of a mini cow? Our mini cow cookie cutters are just over 1-1/2" tall, 2" wide and are made of tin-plated steel. Cleaning instructions: hand wash, towel dry. Buy your mini cow cookie cutter today!

Micro mini cows are exactly what their name suggests: really, really small cows. A regular cow (depending on the breed) can measure anywhere from 54 to 60 inches in height. Micro mini cows, however, pretty much cap out at around 40 inches.

Raising miniature cows is growing in popularity as people move back to the land, regaining control of food production and at the same time deciding that enough is enough! With quite a few breeds being on the diminutive side there are plenty of mini cows to choose from: Lowlines or miniature Angus, mini Hereford, mini Zebus, Galloway, Belfairs, Dexters and, of course, miniature Jerseys.

Because of their lower weight mini cows will be easier to handle, for children and adults alike. Mini cows will also be easier on fences, too; in many cases an electric fence may be enough. Due to the fact that they eat less per day than their full-size counterparts (a milking cow consumes about 100 pounds of feed each day) you will be able to save money on feed costs, sharing some of the feed distribution with other farm animals: chickens, pigs, ducks and turkeys.

The advantage of what he has dubbed the mini-cow, Berruecos said, is that up to 10 can survive on three acres of grassland, or about what it takes to support one normal zebu. Berruecos is now planning parallel experiments with milk-producing Jerseys and other breeds and enthusiastically envisions entire miniature farmyards stocked with downsized fowl and pigs.

Berruecos, a veterinarian with a doctorate in genetics from North Carolina State University, became his scientific adviser and collaborator. Castrillon's Tanleon ranch is now home to 18 adult miniature cows and a dozen minute calves.

Recent publicity, which Berruecos said he inadvertently started by discussing the mini-cow project on a national radio talk show, is transforming the animals into Mexican media stars. Reporters and camera crews were dispatched from the capital and, later, from South America and Europe.

Berruecos and other agricultural experts, though, view miniature cattle primarily as a protein source for the typical rural family. In Mexico, as in much of the rest of the Third World, few poor farmers have enough high-quality grazing land to support even a single cow, and store-bought milk and meat is beyond the family budget.

In the project's next phase, Berruecos plans to experiment with embryonic implants, gestating as many as eight mini-cow fetuses in a single normal-sized adult cow. Through this and other methods, he expects to speed reproduction to the point where there could be more than 100 miniature animals by this time next year.

Most of the time you think of dogs and cats as pets; no one usually associates a cow as a typical pet. However, these are not your traditional big cows that need farms. You can now have a mini cow right at your home!

Not only are they adorable, but they are gentle and kind as well. They are basically a bigger version of a dog. These mini cows are so fluffy they are the perfect pet to cuddle with and receive love from.

When you normally think of cows, you think of something that is big and hard to maintain. However, these mini cows are actually super easy to take care of. They are more social and will show affection to you when you want it.

The great thing about mini cows is that they are not only a pet. You can use them to help teach your kids many great attributes. Like all animals and pets, they take work and maintenance to keep them alive and healthy.

A fluffy mini cow is a cute new pet to have, but that is not all. They are gentle, friendly, cuddly, and kind, a great addition to any family. These mini cows will open your heart and teach you many great tools along the way. 041b061a72


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