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The meaning of the engagement Rings For Couples

The engagement ring symbolizes of your vow to each and the other. Therefore, the engagement ring should be chosen with care. It should reflect your character and your love.

According to the Bible betrothal can help announce the wedding that is to come. However, it is also an opportunity to reflect for the future spouses, in which they meet and get to know each other better. This first commitment helps them to realize what the true commitment of marriage will be.


The fiance gives an engagement ring to symbolize his love and commitment that will normally result in marriage.

Engagement is not a legal marriage. It also provides an opportunity for lovers to meet their family and friends and family members, which will prepare them for the transition from single to married.

Today, engagements have been stripped of its formal. They are not a way to seal an alliance between two families but rather a sign of love between two people and celebration. You could even get engaged...without getting married!

The roots of

In the past, in Egypt it was believed that the finger that is ring-shaped on the left hand functioned as a direct link to the heart. According to legends, this finger contains the vein that goes directly to the heart. Therefore, by putting an ring on the finger, it is a sign that our heart belongs to the person who gave us the ring. In the past rings were made of steel, a material that represents strength and endurance. The engagement ring is generally decorated with diamonds and symbolizes dedication and loyalty. This symbolism stems from the pure diamond. Diamonds are a way to signify your love with the most sincere and true commitment. It is believed that the tips of Cupid's arrows are adorned with diamonds, a guarantee of their emotional strength The association of the diamond with engagement and marriage then became the supreme sign of unchanging love.


For an official wedding: Solitaire mounted diamond wedding ring...

For a traditional wedding Diamonds set on yellow or white gold, diamond wedding rings with precious stones like sapphire, emerald, and rubies...

Wedding rings with semi-precious gemstones (pink tourmaline), garnets (red) amethysts (purple) and citrines (yellow) lapis lazuli (purple) and vintage rings.

The traditional diamond

The most popular gemstone for an engagement ring is diamond. It is the ultimate symbol of love, as it's an emblem of purity and eternity. The diamond was believed to inspire the chastity of marriage.

The diamond you choose should be carefully, as some diamonds can be dull. The 4Cs determine the worth of diamonds such as color cut (carats), weight (carats) and purity.

Engagement ring made of precious stones

Other stones can be used to make your engagement ring. The color of the stone you choose to put in your ring is meant to provide a special meaning to your engagement. The stones can adapt to the personality of the bride.

Sapphire engagement rings of Charles and Diana.

Sapphire symbolizes love and happiness. It is more intended to be a very sentimental stone. This stone is serene as does the color of the sky or the sea. Lady Diana Spencer was given a ring in the shape of an oval blue sapphire adorned with 14 diamonds to mark the occasion of her wedding to Prince William. Prince of Wales. Prince William presented the stunning engagement ring from his mother to his future wife.

The ruby

The ruby is the symbol of courage, passion and strength; the ruby was the most precious stone for kings, maharajahs and sultans. The legend continues to make hearts beat, as aside from the power of love it evokes it is also believed that this stone can bring harmony to couples... The ruby was long reserved for powerful men. Like any other stone, its value is determined by its color. The most sought after is the bright red called "pigeon blood red." The color of love at its finest which ruby is the perfect reflection. Since the beginning of time, rubies have been the best messengers and garantors of declarations.

The Emerald

Emeralds symbolize fertility, hope, and financial prosperity for the couple. The more vibrant the green is, the more valuable of the stone. Emerald is the most sensitive of stones. It is also the hardest to cut, which is the reason the emerald rings are usually rectangular or octagonal in order to withstand shock.

The choice of your wedding ring is entirely personal

Some lovers prefer to surprise themselves by themselves and others choose to do it together.

Prince Charles gave Camilla Parker Bowles a platinum ring with an emerald in its center and three baguette diamonds on the sides. The ring, which was initially owned by the Queen Mother and valued at more than $1 billion, was gifted to Camilla Parker Bowles from Prince Charles.

In January 1956 Grace Kelley received, from Prince Rainier III, a platinum engagement ring that contained an emerald-cut diamond that was 10.47 carats. The ring's composition is an extraordinary diamond of 10,47 carats and is surrounded by two baguette cut diamonds that are set on platinum.


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