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Nick Schwartz
Nick Schwartz

Unity Asset - Bluetooth Le For Ios And Android V2.3 PORTABLE

Appreciate your reply, I have stuck in bluetooth for a few weeks. I purchased the plugin and i am using bluno nano. which scene do you used from the plugin, I used Simpletest scene and have change the UUID of the service, read and write characteristic to DFB0, DFB1 and DFB1 respectively and also the device name to bluno .And I would like to know more about the arduino code which is used to send to unity as the code is originally wrote for rfduino. And Because i am using the arduino code provided by the dfrobot. Currently nothing is happening.

Unity Asset - Bluetooth Le For Ios And Android V2.3

I'm building a plugin for android that includes a couple of assets in the various aar files however when I build my test project the assets are missing from the apk. If I export the android project and build from Android Studio the assets are included. I'm not sure why t$$anonymous$$s is happening or what I can do so that the assets are included when Unity makes the build.

Hi i purchased the assets. I using a bluno nano at the moment. I am able to pair it with my android phone. however i have still yet to send data from my bluno to the unity app. May i ask how do you do it?


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