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Sholawat Habib Syech Pdf 37

Sholawat Habib Syech: The Meaning and Benefits of the Prayers of Habib Syech Abdul Qadir Assegaf

Sholawat is a term that means prayer or praise for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muslims believe that by reciting sholawat, they can express their love and gratitude to the Prophet, as well as receive blessings and forgiveness from Allah. Sholawat can also be a way of seeking intercession from the Prophet on the Day of Judgment.

Sholawat Habib Syech Pdf 37


One of the most popular and influential figures who recites sholawat is Habib Syech Abdul Qadir Assegaf, a descendant of the Prophet and a leader of the Ahlul Bayt (the family of the Prophet) in Indonesia. Habib Syech is known for his melodious voice and his charismatic personality. He has traveled around the world to spread the message of Islam and to invite people to love and follow the Prophet.

Habib Syech has composed and performed many sholawat songs, which are collected in several albums. Some of his most famous sholawat are Allohu Alloh, Ya Waridal Mustofa, Antal Amin, Ilaahi Nas Aluk Bil Ismil 'Adzom, Da'uni, Ahlan wa Sahlan bin Nabi, Ya Robbi Ya 'Alimal Hal, Al-i'tirof, Al Madad, Kisah Arrosul, Lir-ilir, Padang Bulan, Sholawat Kawakib, Alangkah Indahnya, Birosulillah Wal Badawi, Inna Fil Jannati, Pepali Ki Ageng Selo, Sholatulloh, Ya Imamarrusli, Ya Maulidal Mustofa, Qod Kaffani, Ya Robbah Makkah, Binafsiya Abdi, Bijaahil Musthofal Mukhtar, Ya Latifan Bil 'Ibad, Ya Dzal Jalali Wal Ikram, Ya Robbi Bil Mustofa, Ya Ar Khamarrokhimin, Maulana Ya Maulana, Qod Tamamallah, Ya Laqolbin, Sholawatullahi Taghsya, Ya Sayyidi Rosul Ya Thohir, Ya Rasulullah Salamun 'Alaik, Lighoiri Jamalikum, Busyrolana, Ya Habib, Li Burojuka and Ya Allah Biha.

Each sholawat has a different meaning and benefit for the reciter and the listener. For example:

  • Allohu Alloh is a sholawat that praises Allah as the only God and the Creator of everything.

  • Ya Waridal Mustofa is a sholawat that expresses longing and admiration for the Prophet as the best of creation and the beloved of Allah.

  • Antal Amin is a sholawat that affirms the trustworthiness and honesty of the Prophet as a messenger of Allah.

  • Ilaahi Nas Aluk Bil Ismil 'Adzom is a sholawat that asks Allah by His greatest name to grant all wishes and needs.

  • Da'uni is a sholawat that requests Allah to help and guide in every situation.

  • Ahlan wa Sahlan bin Nabi is a sholawat that welcomes and honors the Prophet as a guest and a friend.

  • Ya Robbi Ya 'Alimal Hal is a sholawat that acknowledges Allah as the Knower of all conditions and affairs.

  • Al-i'tirof is a sholawat that confesses sins and mistakes and asks for forgiveness from Allah.

  • Al Madad is a sholawat that seeks assistance and support from Allah and His awliya (friends).

  • Kisah Arrosul is a sholawat that narrates the story and biography of the Prophet from his birth to his death.

  • Lir-ilir is a sholawat that uses Javanese poetry to convey spiritual messages and teachings.

Padang Bulan is a sholawat that describes the beauty and charm of the Prophet as bright c481cea774


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