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Cakewalk Sonitus FX Plugin Suite VST DX

Cakewalk Sonitus FX Plugin Suite VST DX

The Cakewalk Sonitus FX Plugin Suite is a collection of professional audio processing tools for digital audio editing, sound design, games, multimedia, and more. The suite consists of 10 plug-ins: Compressor, Delay, Equalizer, Gate, Modulator, Multiband, Phase, Reverb, Surround, and Wahwah. The plug-ins are compatible with both VST and DX hosts, and can be used in Cakewalk products such as SONAR and Music Creator.

The Sonitus FX Plugin Suite was first released in 1998 by Ultrafunk, a company founded by Magnus Jonsson and Anders Nordmark. In 2001, Cakewalk acquired Ultrafunk and continued to develop and update the plug-ins. The latest version of the suite is, which was released in 2009. The plug-ins have a simple and intuitive user interface, with graphical displays and numeric parameter values. They also have a preset manager that allows users to save and load their own settings.


Some of the features that make the Sonitus FX Plugin Suite stand out are:

  • The Compressor has a Vintage mode that emulates an optical compressor such as the Teletronix LA-2A. It also has a Limit option that can act as a maximiser.

  • The Delay has a Ping Pong mode that creates stereo echoes that bounce from left to right. It also has a Tempo Sync option that synchronises the delay time to the host tempo.

  • The Equalizer has a Parametric mode that allows users to adjust the frequency, gain, and Q of each band. It also has a Spectrum Analyzer that shows the frequency response of the input and output signals.

  • The Gate has a Sidechain option that allows users to trigger the gate from an external source. It also has a Hold parameter that controls how long the gate stays open after the signal falls below the threshold.

  • The Modulator has four modulation types: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, and Tremolo. It also has a Feedback parameter that controls the amount of signal fed back into the modulator.

  • The Multiband is a multiband compressor that splits the input signal into five frequency bands and applies compression to each band independently. It also has a Limit option for each band that can act as a limiter.

  • The Phase is a phase shifter that creates a sweeping effect by shifting the phase of the input signal. It also has a Depth parameter that controls the amount of phase shift applied.

  • The Reverb is a reverb processor that simulates various acoustic spaces such as rooms, halls, plates, and springs. It also has a Damping parameter that controls how quickly the reverb decays in high frequencies.

  • The Surround is a surround encoder that converts a stereo signal into a quadraphonic or 5.1 surround signal. It also has a Width parameter that controls how wide the stereo image is spread across the surround speakers.

  • The Wahwah is a wah-wah effect that creates a vowel-like sound by sweeping a bandpass filter across the input signal. It also has three modes: Manual Wah, Auto Wah, and Triggered Wah.

The Sonitus FX Plugin Suite is a versatile and powerful set of tools that can enhance any audio production. Despite being old and using the DX format, they are still relevant and useful today. They are especially suitable for Cakewalk users who want to take advantage of their native integration with Cakewalk products.


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