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How to Reset Samsung ML-2851ND Laser Printer

How to Reset Samsung ML-2851ND Laser Printer

If you are having problems with your Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer, such as paper jams, error messages, or poor print quality, you may need to reset the printer to its factory settings. Resetting the printer can clear the memory, reset the settings, and resolve some issues. However, it will also erase any custom settings you have made, such as network settings, paper size, or toner save mode. Therefore, you should only reset the printer as a last resort.

samsung ml 2851nd reset

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Before you reset the printer, make sure you have backed up any important data or settings. You can use the SyncThru Web Service or the Easy Printer Manager software to access and save your printer settings. You can also print a configuration report to see the current settings of your printer.

To reset the printer, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.

  • Open the front cover and remove the toner cartridge.

  • Locate the green lever on the right side of the printer and pull it down.

  • Press and hold the green lever for about 10 seconds.

  • Release the lever and reinstall the toner cartridge.

  • Close the front cover and reconnect the power cord.

  • Turn on the printer and wait for it to initialize.

  • The printer is now reset to its factory settings.

If you need more help with your Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer, you can visit the HP Customer Support website[^1^] [^2^] [^3^] for troubleshooting guides, manuals, drivers, and online support. You can also contact HP by phone, chat, or email for technical assistance.

The Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer is a compact and fast monochrome printer that can handle up to 30 pages per minute. It has a built-in duplex feature that allows you to print on both sides of the paper and save paper and money. It also has a network interface that lets you connect the printer to multiple computers and devices. You can use the SyncThru Web Service or the Easy Printer Manager software to manage your printer settings and monitor the status of your printer.

The Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer uses a toner cartridge that can print up to 5000 pages. You can choose between the standard toner cartridge (ML-D2850A) or the high yield toner cartridge (ML-D2850B) depending on your printing needs. You can also use the toner save mode to reduce the amount of toner used and extend the life of your cartridge. To replace the toner cartridge, simply open the front cover, pull out the old cartridge, and insert the new one.

The Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer is designed to be easy to use and maintain. It has a simple control panel with four LED indicators (toner, status, paper, and network) and two buttons (cancel and power). It also has a 250-sheet paper tray and a 50-sheet multipurpose tray that can handle various paper types and sizes. You can adjust the paper guides to fit the paper you are using. To clear a paper jam, simply open the front cover or the rear cover and remove the jammed paper. 0efd9a6b88


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