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Flash Sch I619 Official Firmware 39 on Your Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Using Odin

In April 2019, we were notified from our supplier that components of the AIM2 (941B0420B) module are obsolete and will no longer be manufactured. After over 15 years of product support, FMPlus software version and FMU firmware version 4.12 will be the last to officially support the AIM2 module. We will continue to provide technical support and diagnostics for all customers with existing AIM2 modules in operation. Please contact our Customer Support Center to receive assistance with your AIM2 or FuelMaster system.

Sch I619 Official Firmware 39

This release of the latest Sch I619 Official Firmware 39 provides an opportunity to work with the new co-processor module model which is compatible with the new firmware. The main software update is with the firmware for the new module (k9801) which changes communication methods between the I2C bus and the co-processor. In addition, there are some other firmware changes as well.

Table 1, lists all the versions of the TPL module (1A30A6000B) available for all three operating systems: Android, Windows 10, and Linux, and each firmware version, including the latest firmware release for each operating system. In addition, the table also shows the latest firmware with the additional support for the co-processor module (k9801).

The FM Plus software allows you to download and install a firmware upgrade directly from the software and/or from the Internet. The only thing that you need to do before you can start downloading an upgrade is to be registered on the site.

Press the B" button. The first step in the Odin firmware flashing process is a basic verification of the existing firmware version and the complete absence of custom ROMs, overclocked features, or any other data. During this step, the devices date, time, phone, CPU (processor), memory, storage (removable or internal) and other aspects are verified.


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