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Levi Torres
Levi Torres

Where Can I Buy Oklahoma Suks Beer REPACK

Our first stop in the Sooner State was its state capital, Oklahoma City. The best hotel option for our budget was the Residence Inn Oklahoma City South as it was good value on points, includes breakfast and also offers The Mix three nights a week where they provide free dinner, beer and wine.

where can i buy oklahoma suks beer

And Sierra Nevada for California, really? While I like a good sharp, hoppy American pale ale as much as the next red-blooded beer-drinker, give credit where it's due: California is the only place in the entire country that can make wine worth a damn. If California was a country, it'd be the fourth-biggest wine producer in the world. Who needs champagne when you have sparkling wine?

There's gotta be a beverage pairing to go with your meal, and a hazy IPA is most likely gonna be six out of eight of the beers on tap listed on the chalkboard wherever you're eating. I'm over them and just wanna drink lagers, but the way local breweries are pumping them out and flooding the market, it's the new beer of choice for everyone else. 041b061a72


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