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Rene Lavand - Close Up Artistry Vol 5

The art form of card flourishing, commonly referred to as cardistry (a portmanteau of card and artistry), grew out of simple flourishes used in close-up magic by magicians in the 1990s to early 2000s. Chris Kenner's notable two-handed Sybil cut from his 1992 publication Totally Out of Control has carried great influence and gave birth to a series of advanced flourishes which today represents the foundation of the performance art. Sleight of hand pioneers Dan and Dave Buck popularized cardistry on the world stage with their instructional DVD releases from 2004 and 2007. Journalist Kevin Pang of Vanity Fair characterized the art of card flourishing as, "It's yo-yo tricks performed by cardsharps with the street cred of a Parkour video. There's a name for it: cardistry."[1]

rene lavand - close up artistry vol 5

The dramatic artistry of Lavand is most pronounced in his native Spanish which there are countless youtube videos. Finding him in English is a bit more difficult, so we bring you a video with an English interpreter. Having only one arm for card magic is astounding but what sets Lavand apart is the theatricality he brings to the close-up stage. No easy comedy here. It's excellent cardistry (with all one-handed technique he had to discover himself) and a life-long passion for the beauty of card magic. 076b4e4f54


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