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From this statement, Mr. Share can see that the company paid dividends of $25,000 to its shareholders in the current year and that it issued $30,000 in new shares. He can also easily see how much profit the company made in the current year and the impact of adjusted errors and changes in accounting policy on its retained earnings balance. All of this information, along with the company's balance sheet and income statement, will be useful for Mr. Share in his decision-making process.

Accounting Made Easy Win Ballada Partnership And Corporation.25

A company's statement of changes in equity includes its total comprehensive income that includes the profit or loss for a period of time: the effect of retrospective, or past changes, in accounting policies; the correction of any errors that the company made in the period; the amount of additional money invested by owners during the period; and the amount of dividends, or company earnings distributed to shareholders during the period, which decreases the retained earnings balance.

Alsharairi, M. and Dixon, R. and Al-Hamadeen, R. (2017) 'Event-specific earnings management : additional evidence from US M & A pre-and post-SOX.', Journal of financial reporting and accounting., 15 (1). pp. 78-98.


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