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Download File INTRO-HD.NET-16697150-hud-logo-re...

Download File INTRO-HD.NET-16697150-hud-logo-re... ===>

Download File INTRO-HD.NET-16697150-hud-logo-re...

This is an After Effects CS4 (or above) project file. Another great universal template perfectly fits for creating dynamic promos, intros for websites, corporate presentations and so on. Subjects and design of the project will fit in a promotional concept of engineering companies, various hosting and internet service providers and many others, whose services related to digital technology

This is three different 19201080p videos of elegant flowing wave forms across the middle of the screen. The After Effects File is also included with the file so you can edit or change any parameters with ease. You will need After Effects CS5 and the Trapcode Form Plugin. The videos feature a blue pastel colors for the first two while the third video features a bunch of different colored waves. The first video contains an alpha channel so you can place it on a different background if you would like and all three of these are looping. You may consider the second video to look a little like the Sony Playstation 3 main screen in the xmb. One of the videos is in a blue hue while the other is more of a warmish yellow color with more glow.

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