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U He Diva Crashes Ableton Mac

Another thing on the external monitor that is minor. When I move ableton to that screen and I open vital occasionally I will only be seeing the bottom left corner of vital where the filters are taking up the whole plugin screen and the text will all be enlarged. Typically I exit out of it and open it back up and that problem resolves. I also can not make the plug in bigger which is quite frustrating

U He Diva Crashes Ableton Mac

64-bit, on the other hand, can load an almost unlimited number of tracks, plugins, and effects (within the limits of your computer, of course.) As a result, you get fewer crashes and more stable experience.

I totally agree with you about the Air M1 test, that test is not correct at all as the air should only be 10% less if any compared to the pro so either they had their buffer settings incorrect or something else was conflicting with the ableton session on their machine.

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