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01 Downtown M4a

-peltier-oak.m4a(The Grenier Oak, also called the Donald Louis Peltier Oak, is located on the grounds of what was once called Forest Grove Plantation. It is located at 2123 LA Hwy. 1, approximately four and one-half miles north of downtown Thibodaux. There is a white wooden fence across the front of the property, with several large live oaks set back away from the highway in front of the private home. The Donald L. Peltier Oak / Grenier Oak is the largest oak in this group of trees to the left. This is private property and public entrance is strictly prohibited.)

01 Downtown m4a

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In this episode, I chatted with Chelia Huettner and Nate Boring, two of the five partners behind Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse. In 2018, the team took a legacy art house theater in downtown Lancaster and transformed it into a combination movie house, restaurant and distillery. It was that last element of the business that helped keep them afloat during shutdowns, along with creative use of their outdoor space and a new delivery arm.

But when you leave Coppa you will have to drive on Milton, which eventually turns into Route 66. Milton backs up worse than Huntington, especially when the entire three million people of Phoenix drive the 140 miles up the mountain to see the impossible weather phenomenon called snow. Do not go to Coppa on this day. Do not go downtown. Do not try to go to the Snowbowl which half of Flagstaff is boycotting because the Hopi protested the use of gray water to make snow on the mountain. They lost because corporations always win in Arizona and also in the US, which makes us a city for all the loss. Perhaps a protest makes a city.

I have friends who live downtown, right off Butler. They can walk to Proper for Mortadella, to Uptown for whisky, to Motherlode for IPA. Motherlode serves no food but Pizzacletta, next door, will bring them pizza fired in the wood-burning stove built in Naples and shipped here stone by stone. They can walk to campus and walk to poetry readings and walk to the library and walk to the park. 041b061a72


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