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Guide To Play Corner Kick Betting

Corner kick betting, as well as effective playing strategies, is a common question for those who are new to football betting. If you want to engage in convenient betting, you need to grasp important and accurate information. The following gold betting tips by Wintips will provide you with the clearest understanding.

What is the accurate answer for corner kick betting?

Corner kick betting is always a topic of interest for those involved in football betting. In almost every football match, corner kicks occur in various forms. This is a popular form of betting that is simple to apply and does not require participants to have extensive experience or capital.

With corner kick betting, you only need to focus on the number of corner kicks appearing in the match. According to the general assessment of many experts, even newcomers can participate in betting at reputable bookmakers. Although it is easy to play, it does not mean that you will win with an absolute 100% rate. Similar to other forms of betting, you need to be quick and have good observation skills.

What are the types of bets in corner kick betting?

Bookmakers offer many different versions of corner kick bets in each match. The explanations below will help everyone have an accurate answer regarding the types of bets in corner kick betting.

Over/Under Betting:

Here, players need to predict the total number of corner kicks by both teams in the match and place their bets. The bookmaker provides a specific number, which is the over/under ratio for corner kicks, for you to predict and place your money on:

Over: Players will place their bets here if they believe the actual total number of corner kicks will be higher than the bookmaker's ratio.

Under: You need to predict that the total number of corner kicks will be lower than the betting ratio.

Handicap Betting in Corner Kick Betting:

When exploring the knowledge of corner kick betting, you will be updated on handicap betting. Bookmakers will base their assessment on the likelihood of corner kicks occurring on both sides to offer handicap and under/over bets.

Therefore, the possibility of fewer corner kicks occurring is considered the underdog. Then, apply the rules of handicap betting in football to calculate the win-loss ratio of the betting odds. This is a relatively complex form, so it is not widely used and receives less attention.

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Corner kick 1X2 Betting

In this form of betting, the player predicts which team will have more corner kicks to place their money on.

1: Place your bet here in case the home team will have more corner kicks.

X: Both sides will have an equal number of corner kicks.

2: The away team will have more corner kicks than the home team.

Odd/Even Corner Betting

Information about corner kick betting will provide data related to the odd/even betting form, which is quite intriguing. Here, there will be a total number of corner kicks categorized as odd or even, but the betting method is slightly different. You need to predict the type of total number and the occurrence of corner kicks in the match. There are only two betting options, odd and even, with the winning odds being equivalent at 50%.

Some Types of Corner Kick Betting

While updating basic data about corner kick betting, you will come across various types of betting options at bookmakers:

Betting on the team with the first corner kick.

Placing money on the bet that there will be no corner kicks in the match.

Betting on the team with the next corner kick...

Reasons to Bet on Corner Kicks at Bookmakers

Currently, many gamers, once they understand what corner kick betting is, choose reputable bookmakers to place their bets. The following advantages will help you feel confident in experiencing the system:

Being a reputable bookmaker with legal certification from the Isle Of Man organization and belonging to the OKVIP union.

Players participate in safe betting with highly advanced SSL international standard technology.

The reward payout ratio for players in corner kick betting as well as other betting types is always attractive.

A team of experts is willing to update comprehensive information surrounding the match and betting odds for you.

Members can participate in corner kick betting directly on the mobile app.


The article has covered all the necessary data about what corner kick betting is. Hopefully, with these betting tips sites shares, everyone will feel comfortable participating in daily entertainment. Don't forget to create an ID at reputable bookmakers today to have perfect leisure moments with large prize money.


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