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UAZ Hunter Expedition: A Siberian Adventure for a Bargain Price

Modernized UAZ hunter remains in production until today and it is available for sale in Russia and other European and Asian countries. It is compliant with EURO 5 emission standards and comes equipped with front disc brakes, modern suspension, and comfortable interior.

uaz hunter 2020 price

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The market researches proved that there was a market for this vehicle and American UAZ was even displayed at the 1993 New York auto show. More than 200 car dealers have volunteered to sell it in their own showrooms, however, the use of modern components drove the price way higher than it was expected by William Anderson which apparently caused problems with production.

MWM Motors says it will have battery pack options that range from 56 kWh to 90 kWh, but provides no estimated range for any of them. We have asked the company about that. The right-hand steering wheel denounces it has a focus on the UK, where the company promises to start selling the Spartan in Q2 2020.

Other European markets will receive a left-hand-drive version of the Spartan later in 2020. MWM Motors did not clarify if that is for the EV or also for a combustion-engined derivative. We hope it is the first case.

In early August 2021, sales of the Spartan electric SUV began, which is a modified version of the Hunter UAZ. The price of the novelty in the Czech Republic starts at 39,900 euros (the final price depends on the selected battery, body color and optional equipment). The car is certified for use on the roads of the European Union and Great Britain.

In early May 2020, the Czech automaker MW Motors announced the sale of an electric SUV created on the basis of the Russian UAZ Hunter. The cost of the novelty will be 40 thousand euros (about 3.3 million rubles at the exchange rate on May 4), while in Russia the usual Hunter costs from 737 thousand rubles, and Patriot - from 820 thousand rubles.

This robust four-wheel drive vehicle is an excellent off-roader tested in extreme conditions of high altitudes, ice and mud, rocks and sands. Many vehicles can go off-road but few people will truly understand benefits hunter special package that is dedicated to overcome any obstacles during your journeys through jungles and deserts. *As stated in Federal Decree Law No: (8) of 2017, Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added to the given price if it is to GCC.

Major rivals in the U.S. are expected to be the Honda Ridgeline, Nissan Frontier/Navara and Ford F-150, all priced higher than the UAZ vehicles. The Patriot will be promoted as a premium all-wheel-drive SUV.

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