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Levi Torres
Levi Torres

Indian Army Mission POK Free Download |LINK|

each of the seven levels is divided into 10 missions, and the number of locations is equal to the number of missions. we see the high-quality graphics and the realistic sound effects, and we also see the sound of the bullets flying, the engine noise and the sound of explosions. the soundtrack is also very good. the game is very easy to control and, even for a beginner, is not difficult to play. the control points are marked with glowing spheres, and the player has to either shoot at these spheres or jump on their location. the game has several key options, and the player can also remove the items in his inventory. the graphics are average. the character is never mistaken and the game is a clear winner.

Indian Army Mission POK Free Download

players have to complete seven missions in this game. these missions take place in three locations. as the game is complete, it consists of 7 levels. players have to complete these levels. the player can also enjoy the game in the full-screen mode. all the controls in the game are easy to master. there is a super-power that is released by the player in the game.

this is a simple game that we often play when we are bored. however, the game is so addictive that we end up playing it for many hours. if you are new to the game, then it is the best game for you. there are also missions in this game, which we call "bingo". this is the only mission in the game in which players have to shoot the flashing round. if the player is successful in shooting the round, the player wins a point.

the game has a good choice of weapons. the weapons have different effects on the enemy, and the player has to understand the usage of the weapons in the game to enjoy the game. the game also has a first-person mode. this is the second mission that we have added to the game.


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