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Best Gun Safe Money Can Buy ((BETTER))

American Security (also known as AMSEC) is definitely among the best in the industry. The brand offers two main types of safes: RSCs and TL-rated safes. RSC stands for Residential Security Container. As the name suggests, these are designed for residential use. TL-rated safes are intended for commercial use; they typically weigh much more than residential models, and they cost significantly more too.

best gun safe money can buy

AMSEC has been building commercial safes for over 70 years, and residential safes for about 30. The company is serious about fire testing. It has products that have been verified for fire endurance by Underwriters Laboratories, or U.L. This is a third-party group that verifies product claims.

Fort Knox has been in business for over 30 years. This is another company that builds to a high standard. For example, they use both internal and external welds, reinforcing what is often a weak point on safe bodies. Fort Knox also focuses on fire resistance. They use precision fire-board cuts for better coverage, and their safes come with two different door seals that work together to protect your valuables from heat and smoke.

One of our biggest strengths lies in our ability to build a large number of safes with consistent, high-quality results. Individually, other brands can build around 20 safes a day; our team can build up to 700 safes a day at peak capacity.

Another cool feature is the automatic LED interior lighting that comes included with this safe. I like it because you can look through your safe without having to take out a flashlight or rigging up your own lighting system.

Second, be sure you can attach the safe to your floor. A well-prepared burglar will be more than happy to cart away your safe on a dolly and worry about breaking into it in the comfort of his home. This is especially important for quick-access handgun safes that can be picked up by hand.

There are a few caveats to that generalization. First, if you only need to store four or six long guns, you can find a quality, fire-resistant safe for less. This Cannon 12-gun safe, for example, is a very reasonable $350.

When Phelps Game Calls founder Jason Phelps drew up the plans for his new house, he knew he wanted to make room for a vault. He contacted Northwest Safe, and they recommended Graffunder because they offered the best security and would be able to customize the door to the room.

"Graffunder delivered with a beautiful and very heavy vault door with tolerances that were tight and perfect," Phelps explained. "They also use heavy steel intrusion bars with a rack and pinion gear system for locking, which is second to none in the safe world."

Not every user has the same needs from a safe, but one of the most important factors, besides price, is firearm capacity. Some safes are designed to store a single handgun; others are designed to store 65 rifles. That is a wide range, but capacity will be proportional to weight and price.

The fire rating is crucial for any safe that will hold valuables. Security is a leading quality for all safes, and the access method is a make-or-break factor for some users. If you only want to store a handgun or two, there are some stellar pistol vaults on this list, although if you need to store a handful of pistols and long guns, then there will be plenty of full-size safes for you here too.

While it can be exciting to dive head first into some examples, you must understand the qualities of a gun safe and what they mean before you buy. The last thing you want is to buy a safe that is too small or that you don't like after using it for a few weeks. One of the most important qualities is size and capacity.

Although that is not always the case, if you want to store a large number of rifles in your safe, make sure you check out how many rifle slots there actually are before you buy. If you are looking for a safe that stores mainly long guns, you should check out our Best Rifle Safes of 2023 Guide.

If you are looking for a handgun safe to keep in your bedroom, your safe will likely only store a single handgun and possibly an extra magazine. However, some models can store two or three handguns. If you are specifically looking for a handgun safe, check out our Best Handgun Safes of 2023 Guide.

The physical dimensions of the safe are extremely important for any user. A handgun safe needs to be able to fit on your nightstand, in your closet, or in your car. You will need to measure wherever you intend to place it to make sure it fits before you buy.

It is the same story with a full-size gun safe. You need to make sure that the floor can support a 1000-pound safe, that it fits in a room, or that you can fit in through the door at all. Larger safes will likely need to be professionally installed due to their sheer weight, so prepare for that added cost.

The main purpose of any safe is to keep its contents secure. Single firearm safes are not known to be the most secure devices in the world, but they work well for keeping firearms out of the hands of children and amateur burglars. Full-size gun safes, on the other hand, are extremely secure.

Usually, your safes made of thicker steel are more secure because they are more resistant to being cut through or bent back. Gun safes also have a number of locking bars, and generally, the more bars, the better. It is also best to have locking bars on the top and bottom of the door rather than just on one side.

Besides more bars and thicker steel, nicer safes usually have multiple safety mechanisms that deter any attempt to get past the lock without the combination. You basically have two options for entering that combination in a full-size gun safe; you can either use a combination dial or a digital access code. For smaller pistol vaults, you will commonly find safes that open with access codes, biometric sensors, or RFID tags. However, just about every safe has a backup key in case of emergencies.

Handgun safes usually do not provide any fire protection, although full size safes usually come standard with 30 minutes of fire protection. However, you can find safes that are protected for 60, 90, or even 100 minutes. There will also be a temperature rating along with that time rating. In general, the higher the time and temperature rating, the better, but you can expect the price to also increase with the rating.

The SureLock Cascade 24 is a great safe for storing a lot of firearms on a budget. It can store up to 24 long guns, or you can customize the interior to store 12 long guns on one side and have shelving on the other for handguns or other gear. Safes can get pretty expensive, but at a price point below $700, the Cascade 24 is tough to beat.

This safe is made of 14 gauge steel and has four live and four dead locking bolts. Combined with its digital lock and fire rating of 30 minutes at 1400 degrees, you can be sure this safe will live up to your standards.

The Liberty Freedom 48 is a big safe that will store nearly everything you need. At its price point of less than $2,000, you get a whole lot of safe for the money. You can store up to 48 long guns, plus an additional six handguns on the door.

Thanks to its 14 gauge steel body and door, it is not as heavy as other safes with the same capacity. The four heavy-duty locking bars are also impressive, which are made of 3/16 inch steel and are 4 inches wide. Combined with its SecuRam electronic lock, this safe is extremely secure for the price.

The Liberty Patriot 50 Gun Safe is about as secure as you can get for less than $3,000. This safe is made of 12 gauge steel, which brings it to nearly 1000 pounds. Although it also has eight 4-inch locking bars, six on the side and one on the top and bottom, respectively.

It is also equipped with one of the best digital locks on the market, the SecuRam TopLit, which is also UL listed. The Patriot also boasts an impressive 75-minute fire rating at 1200 degrees. You can also fit just about anything you need to in this safe; it has room for 50 long guns and 9 handguns on the door.

If you want a high-quality safe for around $1,000, the Liberty Safe Centurion is an awesome choice. Why is this 24-gun safe the best starter safe? Well, it has a fairly good capacity, is made by a very reputable brand, and is highly secure for the price. Liberty Safes are top-of-the-line in security and longevity, so they are the perfect choice for a beginner.

This particular safe has 7 military-style locking bars (5 on the left side of the door, 2 on the right), is made of 14 gauge steel, and has a slightly above standard fire rating of 40 minutes at 1200 degrees.

The Vaultek Pro VE Essential is a great pistol vault if you just need to store a handgun or two around the house. This safe would be perfect for mounting in a closet or on a table. It can hold two full-size handguns or just one handgun and some extra gear like magazines or a flashlight.

It is also highly secure with anti-pry bars, dual anti-impact latches, and interior-mounted hinges for defense against break-ins. It opens with a back-lit keypad that lights up when you approach or a manual key. It also has LEDs inside so you can see when it's dark. This safe can run off batteries for three months and be recharged in just a few hours with a micro-USB cable.

If you need a safe to store a large amount of firepower, the Browning Hells Canyon is what you need. This behemoth of a safe can hold 65 long guns and still have plenty of room for handguns or other gear. It is made to be extra wide instead of boxy like most safes, and it also has a lower height profile that helps it fit throughout your home.

This is a beefy safe with an 11 gauge steel body weighing over 1000 pounds. It has locking bolts on three sides of the door to prevent prying it open and a force deflector locking system. All and all, this safe is extremely secure and will hold most people's entire arsenal.

If you have never bought a gun safe before, it is quite an exciting experience. There are a lot of qualities that you need to pay attention to, but as long as you get a safe that is big enough to hold everything you need, there is really no wrong choice. The more secure, the better, but security and space vary with price. No matter your price range or purpose, a safe on this guide is sure to fill your need! 041b061a72


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