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Nick Schwartz
Nick Schwartz

Buy Iphone 5 At T

It may be a great gimmick (sprint) to offer unlimited date to customers, but what good is unlimited data when you have no LTE coverage to use? Pretty sure a lot of people buying iphone 5 for the LTE compatibility? Thanks, but no thanks.

buy iphone 5 at t

The iphone5 is nice. I had all the Apple deivces.But the service suck in my area and at work and i know you all having that problem too. in said of paying $1920 over two years Plus iphone $400 come to $2320, i went with the pre-paid phone for only $100 for 1000 minutes with T Mobile. oh bye the way phone was free too. so good luck enjoy(:

I am in a dilemma! I have an iphone 4 with AT&T and thinking to change to Galaxy 4 with Verizon. Would that be a better deal and better service? I have to be with AT&T or Verizon since I get 25% off of service through my company. 041b061a72


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