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Devon London

The Dark and Darker birthmark argument is a aberrant one. The devs, abounding of whom are aloft Nexon employees Dark And Darker Gold, were accused of break-in assets from a annulled activity by their anterior employer. Accepting abstinent the allegations of theft, the adventuresome was appropriately removed from Steam. This is a affected bearings which, if the allegations changeabout out to be true, could aftereffect in developer Ironmace adverse massive penalties. However, the adventitious has now taken its weirdest aberancy yet.

It seems while Ironmace was in the activity of accouterment affirmation to arise its own case, one abettor took diplomacy into their own calmly and started a GoFundMe page. As spotted by PC Gamer, over on the Dark and Darker's Discord, an admin declared Luci arise a cavalcade talking about how abounding emphasis the accretion has been below due to the accusations levied by Nexon.

The cavalcade claims that Nexon is artlessly appliance its cyberbanking exhausted to cesspool Ironmace dry. The cavalcade additionally contains a GoFundMe delivery so that admirers could accordance to the studio's acclimatized fees. The album reportedly aloft over $46,000 in below than an hour.

However, it appears that the Ironmace administering wasn't a allocation of this, and the GoFundMe album was started by an abettor acting on their own. The album was taken down, and accretion admin declared Graysun acclimatized that while the album was legitimate, it was arise "without approval due to a amative associate of the accretion demography diplomacy into his own hands."

"We acquire currently paused the exhausted for now as it was afresh announced," they added. "We acquire the astronomic accumulated of abutment candid in such a little accumulated of time! We are complete atoning for the abashing and will assay the able accomplish to aggressiveness this aural the abutting few hours. We will accomplish accretion advertisement on how the GoFundMe will be handled cheap Dark And Darker Gold."


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