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My Story

Hi! I am Jennifer, the Director and Educator at Kingsway Pilates. ​


I have  been working with clients for over 20 years evolving my approach integrating principals from different modalities and thought leaders and researchers in persistent pain and pelvic health. This cross disciplinary training and background in pain science enables program design that will help you reach your goals rather than fitting you into a one-size fits all discipline. 


As a result of back pain that I had as a fit, University student, I have evolved my  movement philosophy to deliver strength without injury or pain. This is even more important to me now that I approach my 50's. It has shaped the trajectory of my continuing education and clinical practice to better understand persistent pain and lumbopelvic health. Now, a key component of my service is to educate clients how regular movement can be leveraged not only for fitness but to unlock the power of simple self-care strategies. 


Outside of pilates, I have a learning and development background and I am a wife and a mom to two little girls. I understand how important it is to find a fun way to move that helps me feel good in my body and will allow me to enjoy life for years to come, pain free. 

       To learn more about my journey and my dabble in research,  


My Philosophy

At Kingsway Pilates we believe in programming that delivers vitality and longevity. 


The body thrives with regular, varied movement. Using the principals of biomechanics, we design your program to leverage the benefits that flow from moving more and in a variety of ranges. Sessions will give you insight to your movement patterns to maximize the benefits both inside and outside of the studio.  


Whether your goal is improving or maintaining health and fitness, injuries or chronic conditions we would be happy to discuss how we can help.


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